Whats involved in a hearing test?

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A hearing test is carried out, if you haven’t had a hearing test in recent months, or if you have had a recent hearing test at another clinic and we are unable to have a copy of the results.

We can request recent test results from another audiology clinic, if you are happy to sign a form granting permission. We will fax this off to the audiology clinic concerned and usually get the information back within 1-7 working days.

If you order hearing aids at this appointment, there will be no charge for the hearing test.


FULL HEARING TEST (Also refer Hearing Assessments for an image of the hearing test)

  1. Full Diagnostic Test. Includes an audiogram with air/bone testing and tympanometry to help determine the site of the hearing loss (mechanical or nerve damage) and report to the doctor if necessary. Let us know if you have hearing aids and we will also allow time to check the function using insertion gain and speech mapping tests, making adjustments if possible.
  2. Audiologist discussion. The Audiologist will discuss hearing aid options with you that suit your hearing loss. To determine the most suitable hearing aids, the Audiologist will also ask questions about your lifestyle, your budget, your environment and needs.
  3. A hearing aid quote or quotes will be written for you, if you wish, OR the Audiologist can give you a verbal price at this appointment. This will also be written on your file so we know for future reference.