What shall I expect at the hearing aid fitting?

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Appointment duration: 45 minutes

Breakdown of appointment: 30 minutes (approx.) with the audiologist. 5 – 15 minutes with the girls at the front desk (depending on whether you are a new aid wearer).

Audiologist Time: Spent with You: The Audiologist will fit your hearing aids and connect them to a machine to program the hearing aids to your hearing loss. The Audiologist determines the right settings by your audiogram (hearing test) and a series of tests, then adjusts your hearing aids until they seem right for you.
It’s very important that you are honest and let the audiologist know if a sound doesn’t seem right, so the Audiologist can ensure the sounds are as accurate and natural as possible. Sound will be different in our sound proof rooms as well, so it is normal to notice a difference in the volume when you walk outside, and you may hear other sounds that can become too much for you. This is okay, we can usually fix these.
However, it will take some time for your brain to adjust to functioning with hearing aids. This is why we offer a 3 month trial period with regular follow up appointments. This gives you a chance to try your new hearing aids in different listening situations, then let the Audiologist know so adjustments can be made.

Front Desk Time: Spent with You: The girls at the front desk will take you through care and maintenance of your hearing aids, what to expect, important points to consider, working out your account and book you in for a follow up appointment, usually in two weeks from the date of fitting.

Our aim is for you to walk out the door feeling as confident as possible, and ready to embrace your new quality of life!

You are welcome to phone or see us at the front desk any time during the hours of 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday. We are here to help and no question is too small.