Privacy Policy

We are bound by the New Zealand Audiological Society Code of Ethics, Health and Disability legislation and the Privacy Act. We use your information only to your benefit.

If you are on our database we may contact you for time to time. You can have your name removed. We do not pass on information to third parties except as part of the service to you.

We are required by law to keep accurate client and business records which may be audited by third party funders, Inland Revenue, or the New Zealand Audiological Society.

We have a policy of protecting your information and pass on information only relevant to your service. For example we will tell a hearing aid manufacturer your name if a hearing aid is ordered or sent for repair, but generally not your address.

We will facilitate your insurance claims or communications with third party providers but if asked we are legally and ethically bound to give them information that is fair and correct.

We can only forward your information to other providers with your written information. If you ask us to write to a doctor or arrange repairs we will take this as implied permission and pass on information directly relevant to your case.

We keep all information secure to the best of our ability both physically and electronically.  We are not responsible for websites linked to this one but we believe them to be secure and the information correct.  We endeavour to use best practice in ensuring internet privacy.

We do not do cold calling to people that are not our customers.  Be aware that other companies may contact you out of the phone book or from mailing lists. Please do not confuse them with us.

Be aware that internet companies such as Google collect information about your searches and may scan your email. They may push advertising at you relating to hearing topics which is not coming from us.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or anything else you can contact us.


Ph. 07 577 6712

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