SOUND DISTORTED/NOT CLEARImproper earmould or dome fitConsult Tauranga Audiology – reception first, if earmould needs altering, Audiologist appointment.
Weak battery Replace battery.
Hearing instrument damagedConsult Tauranga Audiology – may need to be sent for repair.
Hearing instrument settings not optimalConsult Tauranga Audiology – Audiologist appointment.
Incorrect earmould placementRe-insert earmould carefully.
Incorrect dome placementRe-insert dome.
Excessive ear waxConsult Ear Health or 2nd Ave to get your ears suctioned.
Feedback control may need adjustmentConsult Tauranga Audiology – reception check first, then possibly Audiologist appointment.
Earmould tubing worn or damagedConsult Tauranga Audiology – reception can fix this.
Thin tube connection looseChange thin tube or pop in to Tauranga Audiology to get fixed.
Hearing instrument settings not optimalTry changing your volume if you have it or programmes, still not working, phone reception for an Audiologist appointment.
Hearing aid up too loudLower your volume, if you don’t have volume control, ring Tauranga Audiology to book audiologist appointment to have it adjusted.
No programmes installed on hearing aidWhen you first get a new aid, the audiologist will keep the aids programme free until you have a chance to adjust to what you have. If your hearing aid is compatible (based on what your needs are when you first discussed aid choices), then the audiologist can put programmes on the aid to get better results.
NOT LOUD ENOUGHIncorrect earmould placementReinsert earmould, if still no good, tube may need to be longer or shorter, contact Tauranga Audiology to see if this can be done at the front desk, or an appointment will be required.
Blocked earmould or domeClean earmould, replace dome, replace filter.
Blocked sound outlet filterChange filter or pop in to Tauranga Audiology reception to sort.
Change in hearing sensitivity Phone Tauranga Audiology for an appointment.
Excessive ear waxConsult your Ear Nurse.
Volume set too lowIncrease the volume control if you have this function, otherwise phone Tauranga Audiology for Audiologist appointment.
NO SOUNDNot turned on Turn on by closing the battery door.
Dead batteryIf you have a battery tester – test battery first, if battery dead, replace battery.
Battery door will not closeInsert battery properly.
Blocked earmould or tubeClean earmould or tube.
SOME VOICES COMING THROUGH & NOT OTHERSWrong programme activatedTry another programme, if not fixed, ring Tauranga Audiology to book appointment with audiologist.
No programmes installed on your hearing aid.Ring Tauranga Audiology reception, see if programmes can be added to your model hearing aid, if so, need to book appointment with audiologist.