Onsite Technical Support


We have experienced staff at our front desk friendly and willing to help you with hearing aid repairs, troubleshooting and technical issues.

If the hearing aids are unable to have repairs done in-house, we will send your hearing aids to the hearing aid manufacturer for repair.

We can carry out in-house repairs such as:

  • Check your batteries.
  • Clean your hearing aids, moulds, and tubes.
  • Replace wind/weather protectors and wax proctectors.
  • Replace receivers and tubes.
  • Retube your moulds.
  • Put your hearing aids through our drying chamber.
  • Put your moulds through our ultrasound mould cleaner.
  • Troubleshoot to see if we can repair your hearing aids and have hearing aids working again.

Off-Site Hearing Aid Repairs

With all off-site repairs, we check your hearing aids at the front desk first to see if we can repair in-house. We do front desk repairs for free if it is within your warranty period, or if it is outside of your warranty, we only charge a small fee for our time, plus any consumables required.

Go through our standard troubleshooting procedure.

If the hearing aids still don't work, we send them off to the manufacturer for checking.  We ask for a quote to repair, so there are no surprises and you can choose whether to repair or not.

This usually takes 3-7 working days.

Audiologist Repairs

An Audiologist appointment is required for hearing aid repairs if:

  • Your programmes need to be changed.
  • You are having problem with volume or low gain.
  • Your are getting too much feedback (we will trouble shoot first, sometimes there are other factors, such as ear wax or guards blocked).

Refer our troubleshooting guidelines for more information.  Troubleshooting

We bill 3rd party providers such as ACC, Veteran Affairs and Accessable, for hearing aid repairs,  where appropriate. If you are unsure whether you have any funding for repairs available with a 3rd party provider, please ask our friendly team at the front desk.


Look at the manufacturer warranty for your specific hearing aids. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer at least a 2 year warranty.

This covers any manufacturer repairs within the warranty obligations. The main point to take note of is that any damage to the hearing aids due to wax or moisture damage, will not be covered under warranty. As a courtesy some manufacturers will carry out repairs at no charge, with a warning, the first time this happens. However, this shouldn't be expected.

Its very important to ensure you take proper care of your hearing aids to minimise likelihood of repairs.

For more information on caring for your aids, please pop in to our clinic or ring Tauranga Audiology on (07) 577 6712 and talk to our friendly staff.

Please come to Tauranga Audiology at Promed House to see us for maintenance, cleaning or any technical support and consumables any time.