Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

There is no cure for tinnitus, but some people have had good results from hearing aids which are specifically designed to minimise the effects of tinnitus.

The hearings aids work by distraction or diverting the focus away from tinnitus sounds. We have had a couple of clients who have given us feedback that they don’t even notice the tinnitus with their new hearing aids, however, it isn’t a solution for everybody.


Widex have designed a hearing aid called the “Zen” specifically designed to give relief from tinnitus.

Widex Zen

Siemens have a number of hearing aids with what they call “tinnitus control” facility in them.

To find out more:  Siemens Options



If you wish to trial hearing aids for tinnitus, book in for a free discussion with the audiologist first, and together, you can work out what hearing aids might suit you.

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