Veteran Affairs

Have you served New Zealand in the war, or served overseas for our country within any of the New Zealand military forces?

If Yes, and you have a hearing loss proven to be caused while in service, Veteran Affairs will cover the full cost of hearing aids and hearing aid repairs.

 If you do not have approved funding, but haven't applied to Veteran Affairs before and think you may be eligible,  contact Veteran Affairs or pop in and see us at the front desk to discuss.

We are happy to help as much as we can regarding Veteran Affairs and hearing related issues, otherwise for any enquiries related to provision from Veterans' Affairs New Zealand, please contact:

Work Freephone (NZ): 0800 483 8372 (0800 4 VETERAN), or

From overseas:  64 4 495 2070 (international toll charges will apply)

Fax: (04) 495 2080



Postal Address:  

Veterans' Affairs New Zealand

PO Box 5146

Wellington 6145

  • Unlimited onsite repairs and appointments,
  • Manufacturer repairs up to $300,
  • Replacement hearing aids every 5 years (up to a certain value, though we can apply for overscale funding should higher spec hearing aids be required),
  • Veteran Affairs pays an amount for batteries direct in to your bank account.