Noise Induced Loss: ACC

If you have a noise induced hearing loss - you may qualify for funding under ACC. Find out more about the latest ACC funding regulations.

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First Signs of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

The first sign of noise induced hearing loss is difficulty hearing in background noise, such as in crowded rooms.

Damage to hearing may have occurred when young, but becomes apparent around 50 years of age, when a slight aging effect uncovers the problem in the mid to high frequencies.  It is very important to protect young ears so they do not have problems as they get older.

Loud sounds such as hammering or skill saws can instantaneously rip out receptor hair cells from within the cochlear – or prolonged moderately loud noise over the day eventually causes hair cells to collapse and die.  Either way, hearing gets worse every time you are exposed.

Noise Causing Deafness

Some examples of work you may have done that could cause deafness:

  • Did you drive noisy machinery as a young lad?
  • Played in a band?
  • Worked in the stock market?
  • Used guns in your work?
  • Drove tractors?
  • Worked in construction?

It's Never Too Late

If you think that you have a noise induced hearing loss, come in and have a chat with us at Tauranga Audiology.

Even if your employment was 30-50 years ago, you can still make a claim.

ACC has made a number of changes since 2011, and full funding is no longer available, however it is still worth making a claim and it can save you a substantial amount of money - click here to read more.

Phone us on 577 6712 to enquire, and and together we can help you get the ball rolling on making a claim with ACC.

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