Blue Lagoon Grant

Generally Blue lagoon will require two quotes from different clinics, and will assume that you will be purchasing hearing aids at most reasonable cost (discuss with your audiologist).

What Is The Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust?

A Trust formed especially to help hearing impaired persons.The Trust’s Aims and Objectives are:

  • To promote the interests and the general welfare of hearing impaired persons in the Tauranga, Mt. Maunganui, and Papamoa regions.

  • To advance the educational, economic, vocational, physical, and social welfare needs and aspirations of the hearing impaired.

  • To support research into the causes, treatment and prevention of hearing impairment and deafness.

  • To support training of persons involved in working for and with the hearing impaired.

  • To provide scholarships for hearing impaired or hearing persons working in this area.

  • To assist with the purchase of equipment or devices for communication purposes.

  • To assist with medical advice or treatment.

Funding Towards:

  • Hearing Aids Extra costs associated with education/tuition for the hearing impaired.
  • Specialized equipment for the Deaf Assistance for hearing impaired children to attend special support days.
  • Any person, regardless of age, race, or gender who is effected by a hearing impairment and requires financial assistance may apply for help.
  • Hearing people who assist the hearing impaired may also qualify for funding through The Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust.
  • Applicants must be residents of Tauranga, Mt. Maunganui, or Papamoa.