ACC Changes 1st Jan 2011

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ACC Changes – What They Offer Now

If you believe all or part of you hearing loss is due to noise exposure you can make an application to ACC.

If approved, hearing aids were previously fully funded. However from the 1st of January 2011 the funding received depends on 10 bands based on how much of your loss has been attributed to noise. There are also now limits to ACC’s contribution to appointments, and repairs.

ACC is administering a contribution from the Ministery of Health. ACC pays a fixed contribution to the noise induced component of the loss, and MOH pays part of the subsidy on the portion assumed to be due to other causes.

Existing clients will have received a letter in the past stating the percentage attributable to noise.The percentage assessed is age related and so may change over time. If you have been assessed as having 100% loss due to noise you will receive the most funding of $– but this is less than what clients on average would have received before. Clients are expected to top up the cost and/or opt for cheaper options. Clients assessed as having less than 10% of their loss due to noise receive a little more than the normal subsidy, however previously you had to have been assessed as having at least a 50% noise induced component to receive any ACC funding at all.

Clients previously declined because they were assessed as having less than 50% attributed to noise may now be eligible for some funding over and above the subsidy. Clients with hearing aids more than 6 years old may now be eligible for replacement.

We are committed to providing cost effective solutions to all of our clients. It is now very important that ACC clients come to us because the amount they will pay is the difference between ACC’s payment and what the audiology clinic charges. Our charges are expected to be significantly cheaper than other clinics.