Our Team

Michael Coddington | Owner BSC (Psychology, Otago), Dip. Aud (Melb), NZAS, NZIAUD

MichaelCoddington Michael is the owner of Tauranga Audiology and Audiologist. He has more than 35 years as an amplification expert, and well known for developing services in the public sector such as at Middlemore Hospital, and his later role with Deaf children. He has also been a guest lecturer on the Masters of Audiology programme. Michael came to Tauranga in 2001 to be with family, and shortly afterwards developed this practice into one of the best in New Zealand. Michael has a particular passion for "what is fair" and passionately fights for audiology related causes such as ACC changes and reducing hearing aid prices. Michael enjoys giving his best to people and likes to pass savings on to the customers where he can. Michael grew up in the wild far north going to Ahipara School on the 90 mile beach, then Ngaratanua School near Whangarei. He considered himself Maori until he looked in the mirror one day and saw his English/Scottish/Norwegian/Italian descent. He travelled extensively in England, Scandinavia, and the United States looking at audiology centres of excellence with his late wife Kaye. Kaye (nee Shrimpton) was from Tauranga - she became director of the National Audiology Centre, helped develop the Masters of Audiology course in Auckland, and the NZ Cochlear implant program.  Michael is now married to a Siberian Princess.

Cathy Fell | Practice Manager

CathyFellCathy has been with us since 2008 and is the Practice Manager. Cathy has helped build Tauranga Audiology into a two audiologist practice and has created new systems and processes, which ensures the smooth running of the clinic.  She can find a solution to most technical problems with hearing aids and also checks ears for wax.  Cathy promotes giving ‘extra valued service’ to our clients both in and out of the clinic.